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Book Introduction

Boss pillow book
-从0到亿只需3年通过对多家中小润滑油企业的辅导,作者对“年销1亿,只需3年”做了全面总结,本书从产品的“命名、卖点、价格、包装、宣传、招商、渠道、终端、促销”等9个方面详细阐述了新品牌或新产品的市场运作全流程,没有空洞的理论,只有实战的方法,“上午学、下午用”。 1. Operation -It takes only 3 years to go from 0 to 100 million. Through the guidance of many small and medium-sized lubricant companies, the author has made a comprehensive summary of "100 million annual sales, only 3 years." , Price, packaging, publicity, investment promotion, channels, terminals, promotions, etc., elaborate the entire process of market operation of new brands or new products in detail. There is no empty theory, only practical methods, "learn in the morning, use in the afternoon" .
Pricing: 180; Suitable for: Boss, Director Directory: First Edition , Second Edition,
Package Design
-手把手教你做品牌本书汇总了上百篇来自一线的经验技巧,分上下两篇,上篇让润滑油销售代表轻松玩转市场,下篇让润滑油业务员快速搞定终端! 2, practical -teach you how to make a brand book This book summarizes hundreds of experience and skills from the front line, divided into two parts, the first part allows lubricant sales representatives to easily play the market, the next part allows the lubricant salesman to quickly get the terminal! Including three types of investment promotion, three-level promotion chain, five-level pricing, regional promotion conference operation, terminal management, eager news, key customer development, and sales of subsidiary products. It is well-deserved "China's first book in lubricant marketing."
Pricing: 280; Suitable for: boss, director, sales agent, agency, business directory: first edition , second edition,
-1年多卖500万+ 3, the agency -1 year sold 5 million +
Do you want to start a business? Do you want to grow? This book elaborates on the entire process of the growth of lubricant dealers from nine aspects, including entrepreneurship, choice, team, price, image, terminal, promotion, management, and evergreen. It can be used as a reference book in the daily operations of old dealers. It is not a dream to make your business rich and easy, and help you "from ordinary to excellence". Guide dealers to grow quickly and help dealers grow bigger and stronger.
Pricing: 198; Suitable for: Director, Sales Agent, Agency Catalog: First and Second Edition
Hans Lubricant Sheet
Marketing Three Musketeers
-1天见效5天引爆在中国,润滑油品牌推广是永远无法越过终端的,终端是产品和用户之间的窗口,怎样开发、启动、维护、服务终端,中国营销界尚没有这方面的书籍,本书分“理念篇、动作篇、案例篇”,把繁杂随意的经营变成了简单易行的流程步骤,配合“望闻问切做终端”教程让你如虎添翼。 4. The terminal is effective in 1 day and it takes 5 days to detonate. In China, the brand promotion of lubricants can never cross the terminal. The terminal is a window between the product and the user. How to develop, start, maintain, and service the terminal. The Chinese marketing industry does not have this In terms of books, this book is divided into "ideal chapter, action chapter, and case chapter". It turns complicated and casual management into simple and easy process steps. With the "Wangwen asked cut terminal" tutorial, you will be even more powerful.
Pricing: 138; Suitable for: Director, sales agent, agency, business catalog: first edition , second edition
-1年招商100+ 5. Channel -1 year investment promotion 100+
The development of any lubricant company is inseparable from the support of dealers. The development of channel networks is the top priority. How to find, support, manage, assist, and coach dealers to grow and develop rapidly has always depended on sales representatives. Crossing the river with stones, this book is divided into "ideal chapters, action chapters, and case chapters". Through hundreds of articles, the experience that can only be understood is transformed into a simple and easy process.
Price: 138; Suitable for: Director, Sales Agency Catalog: First Edition , Second Edition,
Oil viscosity grade
-年薪百万这样干不想当将军的士兵不是好兵,每个润滑油营销人也都有一个总监梦,本书从“产品、政策、培训、招商、渠道、终端、管理、策略、案例”九个方面,详细讲解了每个工作环节的开展策略和操作方法,阐述了如何做一个称职的营销总监,在千头万绪中抓住核心问题,“没有套话,只有实践”。 6. Director -Soldiers with an annual salary of one million who do not want to be generals are not good soldiers. Every lubricant marketer also has a director's dream. This book starts with "products, policies, training, investment, channels, terminals, management, strategy. "Cases", nine aspects, explained in detail the development strategy and operation methods of each work link, explained how to be a competent marketing director, grasp the core issues in a thousand things, "no rhetoric, only practice."
Price: 280; Suitable for: Boss, Director, Sales Agency Catalog: First and second edition
Rundo Business School
-1500篇颠覆思维营销理念从来都是简单的,正如数学或物理理论一样,从来都是简简单单,本书汇总了作者多年来的思想精华,从品牌、命名、卖点、价格、包装、宣传、招商、渠道、终端、促销、管理等多个方面,用最简洁的语言阐述繁杂的表象,还原事务的本质,让你透析市场,把握方向。 7. Perspectives- 1500 subverting thinking marketing ideas have always been simple, just like mathematics or physical theory, they have always been simple. This book summarizes the essence of the author's thoughts over the years, from brand, naming, selling point, price, Packaging, publicity, investment promotion, channels, terminals, promotions, management and other aspects, use the most concise language to elaborate complicated appearances, restore the essence of affairs, let you analyze the market and grasp the direction.
Pricing: 78; Suitable for: boss, director, sales agent, agency, business directory: first edition , second edition
Lubricants Brand Series
8. Raiders-Customers who have no idea how to solve this book through more than 200 first-line marketing cases, each of which uses: scenario reproduction (introduction of sales scenarios), scenario analysis (analysis of the customer's heart), solution points (problem solving strategies), objection response (List multiple responses), minefield examples (multiple misstatements). The five sections introduce the countermeasures. They are the preferred training materials for enterprises and agents. In 3 minutes, they will learn one piece.
Price: 480; Suitable for: boss, director, sales agent, agency, business directory: first edition , second edition,
9.Case-Teach you how to achieve 100 million yuan enterprises. Chinese lubricant companies lack the courage and strength to consult the company, but the lack of SMEs is precisely the strategic direction and tactics. Rundao has always advocated "how fast and save" as a brand. For the first time, this book discloses the multiple lubricant brand strategic plans, marketing cases, and model market operations that Runda participates in. You can directly refer to and apply them. You can also achieve "100 million in 3 years and 300 million in 6 years." .
Pricing: 9800; Suitable for: Boss (The book is only issued internally and will be issued within 3 days after ordering)
Catalog: First and Second Edition
Lubricant Reference Book
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